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a neighborly gift: the potted poinsettia

Sunday, December 15, 2013

One of the reasons I love Austin is our neighbors!  We seriously have the best neighbors ever.  After only a month we know their names, jobs and basic daily things that happen in their lives because we always stop to chat when we see each other - rather than turning around like our neighbors used to in Atlanta.  It's funny, after living next door to the same four people for two years in Atlanta, we only knew the name of one guy and vaguely what he did for a living but always had a feeling that he disliked our dogs.

Here in Austin - the people in general, but especially - our neighbors are awesome, welcoming people who look after each other's houses while they're away, pat each other's dogs and give each other Christmas gifts!  On Friday night, our neighbor from upstairs came by to give us a bag of organic grapefruit and then just now, the lady from two doors down gave me this glorious poinsettia plant!

Check out the pot:  rein DEER!! (my obsession this year).

Needless to say, Will and I feel very comfortable and right at home here in Austin, particularly in our amazing, fairy tale neighborhood.  It will be wonderful to start the new year feeling so grateful for all the people living right around us.

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spring in Austin TX

spring in Austin TX

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