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Thoughtful gifts

Thursday, December 19, 2013

I love buying gifts and I take plenty of time upon every gift-giving occasion to find something that the recipient will really like. It makes me happy to see their face light up - actually at that moment it's hard to tell who's happier, me or them!  My earnest belief is that no matter the size of the present: it's only valuable if it comes from the heart and one of my friends, Melissa, shares this in common with me... although she's like the Jedi master and I her Padwan in this arena.  She consistently gives some of the most imaginative and thoughtful presents I've ever received.

A few Christmas's ago, she gave me this:

Know what it is?  I didn't!  

This is a 'glove clip' - a vintage store find - belonging to an era long past when ladies were always neat, organized and had a need for them.  The front end grabs the gloves, holding them in place, while the chain on the back connects to a point in your hand bag so you never need to fish around in there looking for them!  

This incredibly unique gift (although monetarily worth much less than others I received that Christmas) remains one of my all time favourites because it showed me just how well she knows me and my adoration of all things relating to old fashioned ladies.

That's the thing about thoughtful presents: the intention and warmth behind them is what people feel the most. Even a designer handbag or Cartier watch are unwelcome when received with feelings of obligation or superiority.  I'd prefer a $5 glove clip any day!

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