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Blast from the past: Caloundra, QLD

Monday, January 13, 2014

Welcome to my new segment: blast from the past.  In these posts I will be reflecting upon the places that I've been and because January belongs to Australia (26th Jan = Australia Day): I'm going to be posting about my favourite Australian places all month.

It wouldn't be right to start this segment with any place other than my most beloved holiday destination and the place my family went every chance we could: Caloundra.  It's located on the east Queensland coast of Australia and is part of a collection of pristine beaches and a breathtaking hinterland known as the Sunshine Coast.  Caloundra has six of her own beaches called: Golden, Bullcock, Kings, Shelly, Moffat and Dicky Beach.

Sunset on Bullcock Beach: Nov 2012

Corroded shipwreck
on Dicky Beach, Nov 2012

Out of the six, Kings Beach and Shelly Beach are my two favourites.  They're also the ones we always spent the most time on and made so, so many memories - that I'm actually getting a little chocked up writing this and thinking about it.

Shelly Beach
Nov 2012

Undoubtedly the best times of my adolescence were all spent in Caloundra. Sometimes my brother or I would bring along friends but for the most part, our trips consisted of our immediate family. Our parents organised many activities for us while we were younger: like boat cruises, tours, fishing, day trips to neighboring towns and attractions but the older we grew, the more time was spent just the two of us.

My brother yearned for solitude: preferring to sit and take in the ocean sights and sounds, read, watch movies and just (like most guys) spend as much time as possible in his 'nothing' box, relaxing.  But as the younger and therefore more annoying sibling: I was always pestering him to pay attention to me and take part in joint activities like swimming, shopping, playing tennis, going for walks into town or along the shore, looking for seashells or (my favourite!) getting coffee and talking about feelings - something that we rarely got to do back home because of school and friends and part time jobs etc.

Kings Beach 2006
Kings Beach 2008
Kings Beach 2012
Over the years, our talks changed dramatically and when we were both finally 18 (Australia's legal drinking age), the assistance of beers changed them even further.  Going to Caloundra became a sort of therapy for my brother and I; so much that even after we'd moved out of home we still joined our parents for the yearly trip to the beach.  A beach that came to mean more and more with each passing year.

I could talk about the beauty of the shore, the magnificent moons that rise over the ocean, the wales, the turtles, the dolphins, the endless activities and sights but Caloundra is so much more than that to me.  The experiences of my formative years and the times that my bro and I spent there together: growing, struggling, hurting or celebrating have stained Caloundra with their memories forever for me.  Her beaches were the most exciting and breathtaking backdrop for our adventures and we are familiar with every hiding place, rock, house and tree.  For all these reasons, Caloundra will always have a strong hold over my soul, remain a second home and spiritual charging station.

Me at Bullcock Beach, Nov 2012
At the resort we always stay at, Nov 2012
Caloundra 2012

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