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Blast from the past: the Carnarvon Gorge

Thursday, January 30, 2014

When most people think of Australia they think desert, beaches (crocodiles) or Sydney.  Many people don't know about the ridiculously beautiful rain forests abundant in native wildlife, waterfalls and postcard views.  Will and I loved living in Queensland and visiting her rain forests, in fact we love nature and hiking so much that we chose to take our honeymoon this way; setting off a week after our wedding to Qld's Carnarvon Gorge - a ridiculously beautiful part of Australia 8 hours drive away from where we lived at the time; a place that few have experienced but that everyone should!

During our week out there, we saw ancient Aboriginal cave paintings as well as every native Australian animal you could think of: echidnas, platypi, wallabies, a koala, a giant red kangaroo and plenty of smaller grey ones, kookaburras, green tree frogs, owls and the list goes on!  The Carnarvon Gorge National Park and Takarakka Bush resort in which we stayed was nature like we've never experienced before: raw, untouched and just an incredible experience that I highly, highly recommend it to anyone.

Getting there: roads of rich, red dirt 
Surrounded by green fields and... so much wildlife -
grey kangaroos
Amazing scenery on the way there
This safari tent was our accomodation! Best way to camp because
it came with a mini fridge, queen bed, electricity and a table w chairs
Takarakka Bush Resort
kookaburra perched on top of sign
This kookaburra would wake us every morning with that
laughing/ signing sound they make
This was the campsite
Left: shower/ laundry block
Right: bbq and table area
Will and I in the bbq/table area with our french toast/ baked bean/ sauerkraut dinner
Not very appetizing but worth every minute
(plus we had wine!)
So that's how everyone was washing their feet...
Again, worth it for views like:
And this
Definitely worth going to see an echidna!
Or these native flowers

Tiny, lonely hand paintings - thousands of years old
These are a lot more vivid - very amazing experience
The whole thing was

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