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Monday, January 20, 2014

If you still haven't but are intending to set a New Year's resolution, let this one be it.  From experience, there are so many wonderful things about the creative process, mainly that there's nothing quite like the satisfaction of admiring something you've created and that it's the best therapy when you're anxious, sad, angry or scared.  The act of creating consumes you and brings your mind to a positive state: whether it's a dance, a wreath, a plant growing successfully, a pillowcase, a birdhouse or a meal you're making... it just seems to fill up your very being with pride and dispel frustration.

All you have to do is try it!  I never thought it would be so easy to create a wreath from scratch (something I will do and blog about later this week), since I'm a writer and thought that was my only creative calling; but what I've found, is that whatever you feel inclined to create is what you will be good at.  For example, my brother probably wouldn't make a great wreath - but he loves making model airplanes and dioramas which have received purchase offers in the past since they're so good!

Case and point: whatever you want to make is what you'll make well!  And once you do, there's no better feeling. So grab that paintbrush or sing, draw, write, plant, dance, build, sew or cook something and you'll reap immeasurable personal satisfaction, I promise.

Photo credit: artxplorez.com

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