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Blast from the past: Sydney, Australia

Monday, January 27, 2014

Sydney has often been compared to New York City and London but here are some things that make it completely unique and also one of my favourite places in the world:

1. The Rocks
Being the huge history geek that I am, I ADORE this area of the city for its rich history and thrilling stories of tunnel systems, bootlegging, naval exploits, piracy and kidnap... the buildings and cobbled streets here are still so authentically old that more than once I've felt like I'd actually gone back in time here. Also great bars and European style dining here.


2. Bondi Beach
Iconic.  Amazing.  Everything you think and more.  Super close to the city.

3. Oxford St
Kind of like New York's East Village: Oxford St has everything for anybody!  Dive bars and grungy tattoo parlors mixed with trendy restaurants and upscale boutiques located along one, long street that runs from the city center all the way to Bondi Beach.  Best place for people watching!

4. Sass & Bide
Speaking of Oxford St, my fav Australian designer label has its headquarters in Sydney and the boutique on Oxford St is out of this world.

5. Centrepoint Tower
That lollipop shape sticking out of Sydney's skyline is a tourist must!  Complete with 360 degree views in the revolving observation deck, a skywalk and 4D cinema - which simulates a helicopter tour of Sydney and is so realistic that it actually splashes you with water in some bits.  Love it.

6.  The Coachman
The best Russian restaurant I've ever been to.  Part of its charm is the old-school decor and location in the heart of Surry Hills where the streets are lined with ancient terrace homes and European-style cafes.

7. Tourist
Sydney is super tourist friendly.
And if you love actually going on tours, the Sydney Hop On/ Hop Off tour is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G it's completely the reason we do them everywhere now.  I highly recommend it.  It's fun, informative and thorough - covering the city and Bondi Beach as well.

8. Hyde Park
Yep, just like London: Sydney has a Hyde Park! It's across the street from the beautiful St Mary's Cathedral and in its center stands a majestic war memorial.

 9. The Opera House
This one is a no brain-er.  It's basically the international symbol of Australia.

10. The library
Ok so most big cities have grand libraries but Sydney's one was the first I'd ever been to so it holds my heart

in books lies the soul of the whole past time
the articulate audible voice of the past
when the body and material substance of it has altogether
vanished like a dream

Our vacation in Sydney remains to this day within our top 5.  Will and I love it here so much that if we ever move back to Aus it's where we'll be living for sure. 

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