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Food for thought | Lychees

Sunday, January 19, 2014

So far I haven't been very good at this new food for thought segment but I'm serious about wanting to increasing my taste palate and I'm hoping that starting today, I can make it an every-Sunday thing.  Before I try the new stuff, Will thought it would be a good idea for me to talk about the things I already eat and love that are considered somewhat 'strange.'  My first post in this segment was a little while ago - on cinnamon fairy bread, now I want to mention one of my favourite 'weird' fruits: the lychee.


I don't remember the first time I ever saw a lychee.  I guess I was quite young because I don't know what my exact reaction to it was; but over the years, I've watched the faces of the friends I've introduced to this fruit and it's typically an expression of reservation.

It has no smell and granted, the exterior of the lychee is somewhat strange - there aren't many fruits in the western diet that are this small, this colour, hard on the outisde, soft on the inside and need to be peeled before eating; but despite its appearance and the reservations of my friends, I've never met one (so far) that didn't like the white goodness in the middle.

I really can't compare it to anything: the taste of the lychee is totally unique.  Ask.com says it's like a combination of grape and pear but I don't agree.  To me, it tastes more like honey mixed with elder flower nectar. Even the texture (also likened to a grape) I disagree with.  To me the texture is like a mandarin - without the grains if that makes sense?  The best thing to do if you're curious is just try one.  Most grocery stores sell them when they're in season and will let you try one before buying.


Otherwise, one of my favourite sweet cocktails (if not the fav) is the lychee martini - and if you want to try this fruit but you're worried about the taste or whatever: the martini would be a good place to start ;) (if you're old enough of course!)

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