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This week's tip | Always bring a hostess gift

Monday, January 27, 2014

I love giving and receiving hostess gifts!  Ironically, although this universal tradition is one of the first rules of dinner party etiquette: it's also the first to be overlooked.

A hostess gift is simply a token of appreciation for the person or couple who have gone to the effort of having you over and preparing dinner.  It can be as simple as flowers, a bottle of wine, dessert or something longer lasting like fancy hand soap, cushion or vase: basically anything relating to home or entertaining.

The best hostess gift I've ever received was a lavender Carrière Frères candle but getting flowers is always fun too!  

At the end of the day any thoughtful gesture shows the invitation is appreciated and will definitely score you brownie points with the hosts. (but if you're really stuck - google hostess gifts and a whole bunch of great ideas pop up ;)

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